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Company history

The history of Akasaka Diesels goes back to 1910 with the repair of boat engines in the fishing village of Yaizu. Since then, we have developed and manufactured numerous fishing boat engines, expanding our business along with the development of the fishing industry. The Akasaka Diesel brand name has grown to be known not only in Japan, but also around the world. With superior quality and technology, we have been one of the driving forces behind making Japan one of the world's few large seafood industries. At the same time, we have actively advanced in the field of commercial cargo and oil transportation shipping. We have confronted the tasks of making engines smaller and more powerful to develop new products to meet the needs of the age. In recent years, we have also applied our technological capabilities and expertise gained from manufacturing engines to other fields. And our business areas are expanding.

  • 1910

    Otoshichi Akasaka starts to a repair boat engines in Yaizu.

    Otoshichi Akasaka

    Otoshichi Akasaka

  • 1912

    Akasaka Diesels is founded with the purchase of the Yaizu Industrial Association's repair shop.

  • 1915

    Our first engine, a water-injected 6-horsepower hot bulb engine, is successfully designed and manufactured.

    Factory around 1926

    Factory around 1926

  • 1933

    We start diesel engine manufacture and develop a 4 stroke, 25-horsepower diesel engine.

  • 1934

    Akasaka Diesels Limited is established with 300,000 Yen capital and Otoshichi Akasaka becomes the first company president.

  • 1937

    Following the trend toward high-output fishing boats, manufacturing focus shifts from hot bulb engines to diesel engines.

    Machine factory around 1936

    Machine factory around 1936

  • 1942

    Akasaka Diesels merges the Shunyo Foundry Company, making it our foundry.

  • 1954

    We develop turbo charged diesel engine with 900-horsepower.

  • 1959

    Akasaka Diesels celebrates 50th anniversary.

  • 1960

    We begin manufacture and sales of large 2 stroke diesel engines under license from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

    The First Akasaka-Mitsubishi UE Diesel Engine

    The First Akasaka-Mitsubishi UE Diesel Engine

  • 1967

    We complete UHS 1,000-horsepower engines and become first in Japan to succeed in making compact, high-output 4 stroke engines.

  • 1973

    First oil shock. Energy conservation becomes a serious problem.

  • 1976

    We announce energy-conserving 2 valves DM Series.

  • 1980

    We diversify business by beginning to manufacture full mold cast metal, FA Systems, construction machinery, industrial machines, and various test equipment.

  • 1996

    We obtained ISO 9001 and quality assurance of NK.

  • 2002

    We release low emission and low fuel consumption AX series.

  • 2005

    The total production output of our diesel engines reaches 15,000,000 horsepower since foundation.

  • 2006

    We release UEC-LSE which is environmentally friendly, next generation engine.

  • 2010

    Akasaka Diesels Limited marked its 100th anniversary since foundation.
    We were qualified for Environmental Management system “Eco Stage 1” ”Eco Stage 2-CMS”

    Obtained certification for environmental business management system

  • 2012

    The 3UEC33LSⅡ- Eco (electronically controlled marine diesel engine) was delivered to Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology.

  • 2013

    The total production number of our diesels engines reaches 10,000 units.

  • 2014

    The environmentally friendly engines, UEC45LSE-Eco-B2 have been develope